King Arthur

At Honiton Pantomime Society we like to try scripts which offer a wide variety of stories and comedy and King Arthur is just that. This hilarious rendition of the classic Medieval tale takes us back to the times of the Knights of the Round Table fighting dragons, jousting and Queen Guinevere.


King Arthur
By Paul Reakes
19th to 26th February 2011
At Honiton Community College
King Arthur of Camelot Phil Wall
Queen Guinevere, his wife Max Pipe
Merlin, the court wizard Kyle Bonetta-Martin
Sir Lancelot Beth Hibbert
Squirt, his squire Adam Smith Jones
Olivia, a lady in waiting Roanna Blackmore
Morgana, an evil sorceress Lou Pottinger
Mordred, her son Shaun Bonetta
Sally Simple, a kitchen maid Vicki Halse
Smoulder, a small dragon Jaime Crudge
A very large dragon Dave Pickerell
A page Lewis Campbell
A Servant Lisa Campbell
A Chorus of Knights, Ladies, Servants, Demons, Zombies and Ghouls:
Jenny Allen, Tracey Bonetta, Sandra Bryant, Lisa Campbell, Zoe Kidson, Molly Maggs, Katie Nellist, Sam Page, Dave Pickerell, Heather Prince, Anne Reed, Suzy Salter, Barbara Simmonds, Laura Withrington
Zoe Allen, Beth Burnage, Sophie Elliott, Emma Foley, Amelia Hibbert, Chloe Pottinger, Sarah Pottinger, Chloe Solman
Production Team
Director Di Wall
Set Design Barbara Simmonds
Barry Simmonds
Lighting Nick Skinner
Alex Jackson
Sound Dave Botsford
Grant Miller
Costumes Annie Armstrong
Mary Halse
Val Lloyd
Sue Long
Barbara Manley
Mally Pickerell
Maggie Pipe
Joy Prince
Barbara Simmonds
Janet Wood
Scenery Hilary & all the usual suspects
Backstage Crew Scott Bastin
John Brown
Terry Dimond
John Manley
Andy Pottinger
Barry Simmonds
Props Richard Maddox
Dave Pickerell
Prompt Ellie Cummings
Music Cath Warren (Keyboard)
Smoo (Guitar)
Chappers (Drums)
Rehearsal Pianist Emily Miller
Choreography Emma Foley
Make Up Jo Coles
Rachael Rew
Front of House Jean Bell
Janet Costa Brennan
Mary Halse
Barbara Poulton
Chaperones Rosemary Binmore
Mally Pickerell
Committee 2010-2011
Chair Val Lloyd
Treasurer Barbara Simmonds
Secretary Rosemary Binmore
Jenny Allen, Shaun Bonetta, Kyle Bonetta-Martin, Lisa Campbell, Sam Page, Dave Pickerell, Suzy Salter, Di Wall,
Synopsis of Scenes
Act I
Scene 1 The Courtyard of Camelot
Scene 2 Outside the Castle Walls
Scene 3 The Jousting Tournament
Scene 4 Outside the Castle Walls
Scene 5 The Enchanted Forest
Act II
Scene 1 The Banqueting Hall of Camelot
Scene 2 Outside the Castle Walls
Scene 3 The Royal Bedchamber
Scene 4 The Edge of the Enchanted Forest
Scene 5 The Gateway to Morgana’s Castle
Scene 6 A Little Knight Music
Scene 7 The Grand Finale
Musical Plot
1 Wonderful Day
2 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
3 Consider Yourself
4 True Love Ways
5 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
6 Great Day
7 Happy Face
8 Simply The Best
9 Oom Pah Pah
10 Hopelessly Devoted To You
11 Chu-Chi Face
12 Lets Do It!
13 Thriller
14 Born With A smile On My Face
15 Smoulder The Magic Dragon
16 We Go Together

About Alex Jackson

Alex is a committee member of the Honiton Pantomime Society and has directed 3 productions for them. He is involved mainly in the planning of future performances and the society's online presence.
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