Babes in the Wood

In 2012 Honiton Pantomime Society is performing the Panto of Babes in the Wood, written by Stephen Duckham. Set in the reign of the usurper King John, while the true King, Richard, is fighting the Crusades, the action takes place in the town of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest.

Our story is the classic tale of two orphaned children, with large inheritances, sent to live with their evil uncle, Silas, the Sherriff of Nottingham. Accompanied by their Nurse, Jemima Jollop, Jack and Jill, go to Nottingham town where they meet the ward of the Sheriff, the beautiful Maid Marion. A maid the Sheriff loves, but who only has eyes for the outlaw, Robin Hood. With the evil witch, Nell Nightshade, the Sheriff hatches a plan to kill the babes and get his hands on their riches (money being the only thing he loves more than Marion). Fortunately for the Babes the Forrest Sprite, Greenwillow, is on hand to offer them some protection.The sheriff’s first plan is to frighten them to death in the haunted West Wing of his castle, but when this fails to work, he sends his two idiot henchmen (Floggem and Whippem) to poison the babes while at a picnic in the forest.Meanwhile, in Nottingham, groaning under the weight of the taxes the Sheriff has imposed; the townspeople are given some relief by Robin Hood. Outlawed thanks to the Sheriff and the evil magic of Nell, Robin and his men are forced to live in the Forrest. While robbing from the rich to help the poor, our handsome outlaw is separated from Maid Marion, the women he loves, and who loves him.
To distract the people of Nottingham from taxes, the Sheriff has organised an archery contest, rigged in his favour. But can Robin win the contest, save the babes, free the people and win back his land, title and most importantly, the women he loves? Only pantomime time will tell…
Review in the Midweek Herald
Faces creased with laughter – for all the right reasons – when Honiton Pantomime Society dished up just the tonic to banish the winter blues.And, just so nobody forgets this is a special Olympic year, an Olympic torch was carried onto the stage when the curtain went up last Wednesday.Babes in the Wood, performed at Honiton Community College, combined every ingredient expected of an enthusiastic and talented cast to deliver one of the most comic performances staged in the society’s 27-year history. (Read More Here)
Review in the View From Honiton
THE do or die exploits of Robin Hood and his Merry Men provide one of the most endearing of folklore tales – swashbuckling hero versus evil sheriff, tailor-made for pantomime.Throw in a couple of cute kids who are saved by the good fairy and “Babes In The Wood” offers up all the ingredients of a successful family show. (Read More Here)
Robin Hood Beth Hibbert
Maid Marion Beth Sillitoe
Sir Silas Skinflint Alex Jackson
Floggem Lou Pottinger
Whippem Shaun Bonetta
Nurse Jemima Jollop Barry Simmonds
Greenwillow Tracey Bonetta
Nell Nightshade Heather Eardley
Jack Jaya Foster
Jill Amelia Hibbert
King Richard I Dave Pickerell
Haunted Characters
A Ghost Lisa Campbell
A Skeleton Abi Morris
Headless Emily Miller
Merry Men
Friar Tuck Barbara Simmonds
Will Scarlet Lewis Campbell
Alan-A-Dale Laura Withrington
Little John Sarah Pottinger
Emma Bishop, Sandra Bryant, Lewis Campbell, Jerry Holt, Ben Mason, Emily Miller, Luisa Neuner, Sam Page, Dave Pickerell, Sarah Pottinger, Ann Reed, Caitlin Russell, Barbara Simmonds, Laura Withrington
Lewis Campbell, Lauren Craig, Jaime Crudge, Zoe Kidson, Sam Maddox, Ben Mason, Abi Morris, Chloe Pottinger
Production Team
Director Jenny Allen
Assistant Director Ellie Cummings
Choreographer Jaime Crudge
Prompt Ellie Cummings
Stage Manager Andy Pottinger
Stage Hands Richard Allen
Scott Bastin
Kyle Bonetta-Martin
John Brown
Chris Davies
John Manley
Phil Wall
Set Designer Barbara Simmonds
Backstage Set Production
Jenny Allen, Tracey Bonetta, Shaun Bonetta, John Brown, Janet Costa-Brennan, Beth Hibbert, Alex Jackson, John Manley, Dave Pickerell, Chloe Pottinger, Lou Pottinger, Andy Pottinger, Barry Simmonds
Keyboard Catherine Warren
Guitar/Bass Chris Weightman
Percussion Steve Pike
Rehearsal Pianist Emily Miller
Jenny Allen, Rosemary Binmore, Jenny Bishop, Tracey Bonetta, Sandra Bryant, Jo Coles, Jenny Holt, Val Lloyd, Mally Pickerell, Dave Pickerell, Lou Pottinger, Rachel Rew, Suzy Salter, Barry Simmonds, Barbara Simmonds, Di Wall, Phil Wall, Karen Wilson
Front of House
Jean Bell, Janet Costa-Brennan, Jackie Ford, Jenny Holt, Margret Jarman, Barbara Poulton, Roz Withrington
Production Crew
Lighting Nick Skinner
Sound Grant Miller
David Botsford
Costume Mistress Karen Wilson
Costume Laides Jenny Bishop
Barbara Manley
Mally Pickerell
Barbara Simmonds
Janet Wood
Makeup Jo Coles
Rachael Rew
Props Richard Maddox
Other Help
Programme Shaun Bonetta
Alex Jackson
Photography Lewis Gillingham
Publicity Alex Jackson
Dave Pickerell
Ticket Selling The Honiton Toy Shop
Committee 2011-2012
Life President Pat Allen
Chairperson Barbara Simmonds
Treasurer Richard Maddox
Secretary Rosemary Binmore
Jenny Allen, Shaun Bonetta, Kyle Bonetta-Martin, Lisa Campbell, Ellie Cummings, Alex Jackson, Sam Page, Dave Pickerell
Synopsis of Scenes
Act I
Scene 1 Nottingham Town
Scene 2 The Long Corridor in Nottingham Castle
Scene 3 The Haunted West Wing
Scene 4 The Long Corridor in Nottingham Castle
Scene 5 Deep in Sherwood Forest
Act II
Scene 1 Nottingham Goose Fair
Scene 2 The Outskirts of Town
Scene 3 Robin’s Hide-out in Sherwood Forest
Scene 4 On the Way Home
Scene 5 The Great Hall at Lockesley Castle
Musical Numbers
Act I
Let Me Entertain You Chorus
Do You Hear The People Sing? Robin, Marion & Chorus
She Needs a Hero Sheriff & Nurse
Let Me Entertain You (Reprise) Chorus
Time Warp Company
I’m So Lonely Headless & Nurse
Songbird Robin & Marion
Merry Men, Merry Men Merry Men & Chorus
Desireless (Ballet) Dancers
Don’t Stop Me Now Company
Act II
Who Will Buy Company
If I Were Rich and Famous Floggem & Whippem
I Feel Pretty Nurse & Chorus
Reach Company
Community Song The Audience!
Mr. Blue Sky Full Company

About Alex Jackson

Alex is a committee member of the Honiton Pantomime Society and has directed 3 productions for them. He is involved mainly in the planning of future performances and the society's online presence.
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