Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Forty times the fun!

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Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was a hilarious show featuring pop hits like ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘All night long’ and musical classics like ‘Memory’, ‘Money’ and ‘We Go Together’.

By Norman Robbins

20th to 23rd February 2013

At Honiton Community College

The Cast

Tinbad Ryan Wilkes
Cascara Barry Simmonds
Ali Baba Rob Grove
Haroun Vicky Halse
Marsaina Beth Hibbert
Morgana Emily Miller
Avarice Sally Cregan
Kassim Baba Dave Pickerell
Rhum Baba Tracey Bonetta
Hanki Panki Lou Pottinger
Jiggeri Pokeri Ben Mason
Al Raschid Shaun Bonetta
Achmed the ‘orrible Lisa Campbell


Jenny Allen, Jaron Bonetta, Sandra Bryant, Olivia Daly, Kira Foster, Faith Foster, Ruby Hart, Luke Herbert, Ryan Hutter, Val Lloyd, Holly Lynch, Grant Miller, Sam Page, Dave Pickerell, Beth Sillitoe, Barbara Simmonds, Di Wall, Sophie Witherington


Bella Carr, Lauren Craig, Jaime Crudge, Leila Fawcett, Amelia Hibbert, Zoe Kidson, Jojo Mason, Abi Morris, Hannah Nuttal, Sarah Pottinger, Chloe Pottinger, Lauren Pursey, Zara Sillitoe, Laura Witherington

Production Team

Director Ann Reed
Musical Director Matt Carter
Choreographer Jaime Crudge
Prompt King Richard
Stage Manager Andy Pottinger

Kyle Bonetta-Martin

John Brown
John Manley
Paul Titmus
Phil Wall
Set Design Barbara Simmonds
Set Production Shaun Bonetta
Tracey Bonetta
Janet Costa-Brennan
John Brown
Alex Jackson
King Richard
Barbara Manley
John Manley
Dave Pickerell
Andy Pottinger
Lou Pottinger
Barbara Simmonds
Barry Simmonds
Lighting Nick Skinner
Sound Pete Privett
Costume Mistress Karen Wilson
Costumes Rosemary Binmore
Mary Halse
Jenny Holt
Barbara Manley
Mally Pickerell
Barbara Simmonds
Props King Richard
Dave Pickerell
Keyboard Matt Carter
Guitar Jamie Williams
Drums Josh Williams
Makeup Jo Coles
Rachel Mandrupson
Front of House Jean Bell
Rebecca Bell
Janet Costa-Brennan
Jackie Ford
Jo Hutter
Margaret Jarman
Claire Nuttal
Cheryl Platt
Barbara Poulton
Roz Witherington
Chaperones Jenny Bishop
Jenny Holt
Mally Pickerell
Programme Alex Jackson
Photography Lewis Gillingham
Publicity Alex Jackson
Dave Pickerell
Ticket Selling Honiton Toy Shop
Chair Barbara Simmonds
Secretary Rosemary Binmore
Treasurer King Richard
Shaun Bonetta, Kyle Bonetta-Martin, Lisa Campbell, Jaime Crudge, Alex Jackson, Dave Pickerell
Synopsis of Scenes
Act I
Scene 1 The Great Market Place in Cairo
Scene 2 The Oasis of the Seven Palms
Scene 3 Outside the Magic Cave
Scene 4 A Quiet Street
Scene 5 Outside Ali Baba’s House

Act II

Scene 1 The Market Place Again
Scene 2 The Street of Lesser Merchants
Scene 3 The Market Place Once More
Scene 4 Another Quiet Street
Scene 5 The Banqueting Hall of Ali Baba’s New House
Scene 6 A Corridor
Scene 7 The Banqueting Hall and Finale
Musical Numbers

Act I

It’s A Good Day
One Hand One Heart
Bad Guys
The Ugly Duckling
Money, Money, Money
When I’m 64
All Night Long

Act II

That’s Amore
Our Love Is Here To Stay
Reviewing The Situation
Lean On Me
Money Makes The World Go Around
Tea For Two
We Go Together

About Alex Jackson

Alex is a committee member of the Honiton Pantomime Society and has directed 3 productions for them. He is involved mainly in the planning of future performances and the society's online presence.
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